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Mia First Class 

Reach a higher level and get a better shopping experience !


Birthday discount

On your birthday, get 50% off on all our products except Leucan earrings of hope, cleaning products, gift boxes and gift card. You can use once and you have 7 days after your birthday to use.

Can be combined only with the 3rd jewel free promotion.

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IN STORE: You must provide a printed copy of this email or show it on your smartphone. To be eligible for the rebate, you must present an ID card with picture.

ONLINE: Enter your promotion code in your shopping cart before you proceed to checkout.

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According to the amount of purchases

We really care about our customers and it's important to us to reward them with exciting discounts that are proportional to the sum of their purchases which they carry out during the year.

ONLINE : Rewards are sent by email to our customers to thank them for their online purchases.

IN STORE : Receive one (1) stamp for each 20$ purchase after rebates and before taxes on your Mia First Class card. For each row of 5 valid stamps, get a discount, get until 70$ rebates into the card.  The card is valid one year. The card has no monetary value and is not transferable. 



Other exclusive discounts

Other discounts are sent exclusively to Mia First Class members all year long.